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Falling film evaporators and tubular type juice heaters


  • technical documentation
  • fabrication and supply



  • Heating surfaces up to  7 000m²
  • Heating tubes, tubular sheets and juice distributors made of stainless steel (if required: carbon steel)
  • Type of evaporator acc. to the destiny and Customer  requirements 



  • Tubular type, multipass, vertical or horizontal construction.









002 produkty 251015

Vertical type, 4-chamber, continuous vacuum pan


  • This type of equipment is being used for the key process in the sugar industry: saccharose crystallization. Due to the implementation of the continuous pan a lot of advantages can be achieved:


  • Easy way to modernize and extend the sugar end
  • Reduction of energy consumption
  • Constant and uniform parameters of the operation


  • Continuous vacuum pans offered by AB Techno are equipped with proved and a fully automatized system

of continuous boiling process control, basing on measuring of the amount of condensates

( AB Techno system). 









Carbonation vessels for juice or remelt, equipped with Richter tubes



  • With inner recirculation tube
  • Special construction of the gas distributor with mechanical cleaning (Richter tubes)



  • High quality of the carbonation process
  • High gas use coefficient during all the campaign













003 produkty 251015

Belt conveyors for dry beet unloading and transportation


  • Belt conveyors for dry beet unloading and transportation of cossettes, pulp and sugar